At Dotcom Property Sales we thought it was time to rethink the whole process of how a real estate office should operate, we looked at it from our client’s point of view, an agent’s point of view, a marketing point of view and we discovered a whole new system that benefits everyone involved.

Being a real estate agent whether in sales or property management is not like being in any other industry, real estate agents have to be entrepreneurial, creative and business minded.

Real estate agents don’t need to be shackled to a desk or an office with endless meetings and unnecessary administrative duties; they need to be out and about keeping up with what’s happening in their neighbourhood.

With the technology and communications available today, agents should be spending less time in the office and more time looking after their clients’ needs. Dotcom Property Sales gives their agents the freedom to do what they do best, which is list, sell and manage property.

If you are an agent whether in sales or property management looking for a change, don’t just change office, change to a system that allows you to work for yourself without the usual costs involved, a system that allows you to give your clients the best possible service, a system that gives you a better work/life balance, a system that gives you the opportunity to take charge of your own income level.

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